Mud Stand for Bass Amps

Mud Stand for Bass Amps


This is the big boy! The Mud Stand designed for bass amplifiers. You will never know how tight and punchy your bass tone can be until you isolate your amp from the stage. On many hollow stages, your amp picks up resonant frequencies when it is placed directly on the stage floor. These resonant frequencies can cause your tone to sound muddy or boomy. Some players describe it as flabby, loose bass. Bassist report much tighter, punchier and overall better tone when they isolate their amp in a Mud Stand. 

Like our other models, this one breaks apart in seconds and the three components are held together in a tight block by the internal magnetic locking system. You can carry it into the gig with one finger.

Because the Mud Stand is made of foam, it will not scratch your amp, your bass case or your car's interior. 

This stand will hold amps up to 23 inches tall, 36 inches wide and 20 inches deep. It will hold amps up to 80 lbs. in weight.

The Mud Stand for bass amps is Made in USA!


Note: Your amp must be at least 15 " wide to fit on this stand.

If you have a small amp, look at our smaller Mud Stand Standard model.

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