The Mud Stand

The Mud Stand is a whole new concept in amplifier stands. It is designed to acoustically isolate your amp from the resonant frequencies that you get when placing an amp directly on a hollow stage. This is one of the main causes of muddy tone. The usual fix is to back off your bass and/or reverb. This detracts from your good tone and still does not remove the mud. Boosting mids is another usual fix, but still does not get rid of the mud. Because the Mud Stand is made from a special acoustic foam, it allows your amp to sound as it was designed and not like the surface it is sitting on. 

The Mud Stand only has three components that assemble in seconds. Tear down is even faster due to the embedded magnetic locking system that locks all three components into a tight package. It can then be carried with one finger. Because it is a foam based product, it will not scratch your amps, guitars or car/van interior. 

We created the Mud Stand to hold your amp at the optimum angle for small stages where you are playing really close to your amp and large stages where your amp is farther away from you. Customers always remark that it's the perfect angle for a great sound.

The Mud Stand will hold amps as large as 21" high x 30" wide x 12" deep. 70 lbs max amp weight. Amps as small as a Fender Princeton or as large as a Fender Twin Reverb work great on it.

Note: Small amps must be at least 15 inches wide to fit on this stand. If you have a small amp that is not 15 inches wide, check out the Mud Stand Mini.

Mud Stand is Made in the USA.

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