Mud Stand Mini

Small amps have always been a mainstay in recording studios. Lately, they have also become super popular for home use. Many musicians are even using them to gig with. The Mud Stand Mini is designed to hold these small amps. You will be amazed at how big your small amp sounds in a Mud Stand. Tilting it back at the optimum angle, isolating it from the stage or studio floor and getting it up off the floor makes a huge difference in tone. 

The Mud Stand Mini breaks apart in seconds. It has an internal magnetic locking system that holds the three foam pieces together, in a tight block, for easy carrying.

Because the Mud Stand Mini is made of foam, it will not scratch up your amps, guitar cases or your car's interior.

The Mini will hold amps up to 14 inches tall, up to 22 inches wide and up to 11 inches deep. It will hold amps that weigh up to 40 lbs.

If your amp is too big for this model, check out the bigger Mud Stand Standard model.

Mud Stand Mini is Made in USA!

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