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Hollow stages can really mess with your tone. When you place your amp directly on a hollow stage, the amp bonds with the stage and creates resonant frequencies that can cause your tone to sound muddy or boomy. 

Imagine sitting a radio on a snare drum. The radio's tone is changed dramatically by the drum. Similarly, your amp's tone is changed when placed directly on a hollow stage. Even worse, every hollow stage is different. So this weekend you are fighting one set of resonant frequencies and next weekend a whole different set. Putting your amp in a chair or on a metal amp stand helps some, but these are still directly in contact with the hollow stage and still pick up those resonant frequencies. 

Because the Mud Stand is made completely of acoustical foam, it breaks the bond between your amp and the hollow stage. This totally eliminates the resonant frequencies and muddy tone. Your amp sounds like your amp and not like the surface it is sitting on.


Holds your amp at the optimum angle for tone.

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You need an amp stand that is easy to get to the gig and home again. The Mud Stand weighs less than 3 lbs.  It also, has an internal magnetic locking system. When you pull the center section out, the two side pieces literally jump together. The center section then magnetically locks into the position shown. All three pieces held together, in a block, that you can  carry with one finger. 

Set it up in seconds. Pack it up in seconds. It will not scratch your amp, your instrument cases or the interior of your vehicle. Load all your gear into your vehicle and just toss it on top of the pile. You will never use one of those folding metal amp stands again. 

Because it is made of acoustical foam, it conforms to uneven stages. It also does a lot of shock absorption. Really helps to stop reverb tank "crashes" caused by foot traffic on the stage or a heavy footed drummer.