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Isolation Amp Stand


"The Mud Stand acts as a buffer zone between your dialed in tone and an acoustically unfriendly hollow stage"...Guitar World Magazine

  • Isolates your amp from hollow stages that cause your tone to sound muddy or boomy.
  • Positions your amp at the optimum angle for sound dispersion and balanced tone.
  • Helps prevent reverb tank "crashes" caused by kick drums or foot traffic on the stage.
  • Conforms to uneven stage floors so your amp sits solid.
  • Made of acoustic foam. Will not scratch your amp, instrument cases or vehicle's interior.
  • Super light weight, but strong. You can carry it into the gig with one finger. 
  • Sets up in seconds. Breaks apart even faster.
  • Internal magnetic locking system holds it together, in a compact block, for easy transport.
  • Three models to choose from depending on the size of your amp.



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