• Isolates your amp from hollow stages which can produce resonant frequencies that make your tone sound muddy or boomy.
  • Helps prevent reverb tank crashes caused by foot traffic on the stage. 
  • Holds your amp at the perfect angle to sound amazing.
  • Sound coming from the back of your amp, now, does not blast out the back, but is instead redirected through the port at the bottom of the Mud Stand. You will love your new tone and the drummer will love not being blasted by the back of your amp anymore.
  • The Mud Stand weighs less than 3 lbs. and packs into a tight block for carrying.  It almost jumps together due to the internal magnetic locking system.
  • Will not scratch your amp, instrument cases or vehicle interior.
  • Used widely for stages large and small. Loved by studio engineers for it's isolation properties.


Mud Stand
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