About Mud Stand

The Mud Stand was created to solve two big problems encountered by gigging musicians everywhere. The first is the muddy tone you get from placing your amp directly on hollow stages. When you sit your amp directly (or in a metal amp stand) on a hollow stage, the amp can pick up resonant frequencies from the stage. This can make your tone sound muddy. The Mud Stand acoustically isolates your amp from those hollow stages and lets your amps natural tone shine through...mud free. On a really bad sounding stage, the difference is amazing!

The second problem is metal amp stands. There may have never been a more aggravating piece of equipment than those folding, metal amp stands. They are like carrying a folding metal chair around with you. They have sharp metal edges that scratch up your car, van or bus. When you pack up after a gig, they can scratch up your amp, your guitar cases and the interior of your vehicle. The Mud Stand is a huge improvement over those metal stands. Because the Mud Stand is made from acoustical foam, it will not scratch up your vehicle or other music equipment. It weighs less than three pounds and has an internal, magnetic locking system, that locks it together in a tight block, for easy transport to and from gigs. You can carry it with one finger....which is sometimes all you have left when you are trying to get an arm load of gear into a venue!

Mud Stand is Made in the USA.